Angie Haviland
Amber Dawn
Gillian Allen
Belinda Spiwak
Beth Kelsey
Carmen Gypsy Young
Cythia Powell
Diana Welte
Trisha Neal
Pat Condra
Pat Macmicken
Lia Kent
Katelyn Thomas
Mary Szot
Sheryl Rubio
Irrenay Wehren
Loretta Castagnolo
Lucy Lee
Sue Cronin
Susi Uhupi
Emily Pruitt
Julie Stenning
Cecilia Kerridge
Sharie Myers
Ulrike Hutchins
How tiny can you make art. Well 1" by 1" is the size our swappers created on and these are shown actual size  (600x800 screen size is best to view by). Hosted by our lovely Angie a very busy Mom, with this difficult to scan task. Thanks to her and to all the participants. Hope you're eysight has recovered. Mouse over for names