Okay, so, first off....why alter books?  Because it's fun!!  This is meant to be enjoyable and relaxing!  no stress about making incredible works of art.... just play in eachother's books.  Have some paint you've been wanting to play with?  Did you purchase a stamp you've never used but have been dying to?  Love an image found in a magazine that you want to play around with?  Then GO FOR IT!!  Get down and dirty and alter away! 
Altered pages Shauna in Elizabeth's book 
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Helga in Tara's book
April/May 2001
Feb March
Shauna Palmer
Shauna Palmer
Shauna Palmer
Helga Strauss/artist
Helga Strauss/listen
Helga Strauss/your eyes
Helga Strauss/snap tags
Helga Strauss/shall speak
Helga Strauss/geisha
Hilary in Hilary's book
Hilary in Hilary's book
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Helga in Hilary's book