Pre-Raphaelite Women:
I really enjoy making doors or windows in my artwork. Creating a piece where the image is somewhat hidden adds mystery to a piece. With these pages, I cut a hole on the right side and added some acetate doors that I had photocopied from a clip art book on ironwork. If you unwind the ribbon with the diary and key charms attached to it, you can open the doors to view the woman underneath. 
Pocket of Postcards:
In an altered book round robin, it's a great idea to give a small gift to the owner of the book you're working in. You can create a simple pocket and fill it with old postcards, photocopied images, postage stamps, tags, etc. 
Madonna Shrine:
It's really fun to attach an extra piece of paper to each page to create a fold out shrine. I attached little religious medals as "doorknobs" to the shrine. When you open it up, I have 4 similar images of the Madonna. My scanner couldn't fit the entire spread so you'll have to use your imagination. Repeating an image can create drama in your piece. Generally, it's best to work in odd numbers…but with this one, I went with an even 4. 
Rick Rack and Snap Beauty:
Challenge yourself by attaching images without glue. On this page, I adhered the image with snaps. No glue was used. You can try using grommets, ribbon, buttons, etc.
Blue Butterfly Babes:
I'm fascinated with the idea of people having wings so I cut out these blue butterflies from a piece of gift wrap and added photos of people with them. I think it would also be fun to cut out bird wings, insect wings, and add them as well. And don't forget the glitter! 
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