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Gillian Allen : backs
Angie Hall Haviland fronts
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Pat MacMicken
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Nicole Zander
Robin Bartoletti
Toni Wulff
Take a little bottle, any little bottle you may find, those liqueur bottles from the supermarket work fine with their unusual shapes and colours. Add an image or two, maybe a piece of old text, some fancy trims, silver wire, polymer clay pressed into the back of filigree charm moulds, German scrap foils, lace, beads and fibres, charms, glitter or the found object that finally has found its place, and Voila a stunning keepsake treasure. Once you've made one it will be hard to stop until all your bottles have been altered. Here are a few that our swappers hosted by Angie Havilland have created.
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If you make an altered bottle you'd like to show on this page, scan in at 150 dpi (white background) and send to art at
Lilla Le Vine
Lilla Le Vine
Altered Bottles sent in by you
Lilla Le Vine
Lilla Le Vine
Lilla Le Vine
Lilla Le Vine