all she wanted was a place to hide
half as much fun
when a woman is in love
your face can be changed
you too can be happy
desperate for his kind of love
know the amazing truth
fate or pheromones
dream world
the answers to these questions
why men go bald
the goddess weeps
develope your figure
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    The images that I utilize for my collage work are the result of a perpetual collecting, hunting, and gathering process. Old books,
magazines, vintage wallpaper, hand made papers, photos, maps, stamps, ephemera... all have the potential to come together in unexpected ways
to create bizarre narratives. I utilize text with the images to intensify the narrative component.
  Creating collage has the benefit of a very immediate sense of
gratification that allows for a spontaneous, instinctive approach.
Generally I will start with one particular image and add to it without any preconceived notion of where the piece is going. And out of the alchemy of combinations a cohesive statement is born.
Pat Chapman 03 06.
Well known for her exceptional assemblage work (see below for her website and details), Patricia Chapman can also assemble a mean retro collage