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acuarela y lapiz color
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Pajarito y flor
The Lovers
Mundo Color
I painted all my life before in other styles, but always managed only a bad copy of great painters
my art is just maturing, slowly, with time and labor
Now I can say that I am free to create and recreate my dreams.
The materials vary always, oil on canvas, watercolor on paper of watercolor and acrylic, it can be  on wood or cardboard. I love the vibrant color, plenty of life, peace,and hope
I love to create my own material well, add texture and a rich color photography that captures not.
I live in the world of deep dreams in a small space with much color    Patricia Cotes 08 08.

Me ????
Your absence, Your silence destroys me
Happy Colors for the Angels
aqui estoy sumergida en el silencio de colores sin voz
aqui estoy ..
juegos ...
voces que no son voces
este silencio de las voces sin voz.
es un secreto
un misterio
algo que traspasa mis sentidos
una espera
ya no se
si con o sin sentido.
the pain of abscence...hurts and hurts
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