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Fabric Cuff
Fabric Cuff
Cut a shape to circle the wrist 7-9" and 2-4" wide.
First layer is a strong fabric like linen. Lay on top of that a fancy fabric, silk is nice. At this point I decide on closures. Elastic pony tail holder is good, or stretch elastic in gold. Snaps sewn on last are another option. I find buttonholes do not work so well.
Then I usually add lace, fabric bits, maybe motifs, threads, more lace.
Hand stitch all loosely to the base.
Next layer can be sequins, handmade flowers, fancy trims and yarns and even paper  images or words. Stitch on with beads to hold in place. Sheer fabric overlays are good. I use them a lot for a bit of mystery.
When embellishment is done. Cut a piece of felt or velvet for the back and ziz zag that on  all around edges. For Xmas, metallic threads are nice. Sometimes the design needs no edge, either use pinking sheers or fray it. Wear and enjoy.
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Grey skies, no Lira. Then be inspired by the magic of Venice with its rich colour and sumptuous textures.
Lilla Le Vine our great friend,  shows us how to create gorgeous cuffs and broches from fabric offcuts. They would make great gifts.
Mouse over for detail.
See below for tutorial.
I like to make brooches that say something so I use colthing labels, tickets, pictures receipts and other motifs.
Gather assorted squares of fabric, a tweedy one is good for bottom layer. Small frays of fabric , gauze, sacking, paper and contrating quilt fabrics are fine.
Rip the squares roughly and layer several, off setting them, to show underneath. For motif, if it is paper like a ticket, I bond it to some clear plastic, iron on type, or enclose in some other plastic sheets.
Zig zag all together. Add findings from the scrap box, beads, dangles, tassels or keep them simple. Sew on a felt back and finally a brooch pin.
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