How Far to the Ocean.  Vintage Book Cover
Good Spellers. Vintage Chalk Board
Make me Laugh, Altered Vintage BINGO Card
Charlene. Altered Vintage Book Cover
She Spelled Trouble. Altered Vintage Chalk Board
Recitation Record" #1. Altered Vintage Chalk Board
Recitation Record" #2. Vintage Chalk Board
Beachy Day" Paper Dolls
"It was then she realized just how scary the circus could be."  An altered children's game board
Deep Water Altered Vintage Book Cover
Altered Board book Cover Deatail
Box of Paper Cranes
Beachy Day Paper dolls Detail
Altered Vintage Board Book
Light of the Western Stars. Peoples Choice Award . Altered Vintage Book Cover
36 Found Objects. Installation #1 Altered Vintage Paint Box
Box of Paper Cranes Detail
Vintage Altered Board Book, Inside Detail
Altered Board book Cover
Board books, books, book boards, chalk boards? School boards, library boards ::she did what with those books?:: Bored? Never!

THE BOARDS: "The stiff binding material of a book is called a board. Every book has two boards, a front board and a rear board."
Not to be confused with a book broad,
Cynthia Weed, a Wyoming school teacher with a fondess for all things vintage has been a mixed media artist for many years, and loves making aboveboard use of all of the above boards!
Cynthia's combinations of fabric, altered objects, and lost images quite often tell an unexpected story. Cynthia is currently working on a series of “Bookends” pieces featuring lost images of the West; children, school teachers, cowgirls, mothers, showgirls, seamstresses, growers of gardens, and nurses. (more below)

“I know with certainty that a man’s work is nothing but the long journey to recover, through the detours of art, the two or three simple and great images which first gained access to his heart.”
                                                            Albert Camus
Board books, books, book boards, chalk boards? School boards, library boards ::she did what with those books?:: Bored? Never! (contd below)
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"It's a mixed media life, it is. Ask anyone." says Cynthia. "I'll be drawn to some 'lost and found' object-sometimes actually from the 'LOST AND FOUND' and I'll save it on my desk or put it on a shelf where I can see it. Then a scrap of text will come my way and I'll write that down on a scrap of paper...or on my hand. I have a collection of vintage photos that I love. And a couple of shoe boxes of old fabric  and lace. These elements, they come together, usually at night and tell their own story. Really they do. And I just fasten them together. I think we all do this in our own way, whether we are gardeners, painters, photographers, or sculptors."
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