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Decos began, for me, approximately 5 years ago and I was introduced to them while participating on a Yahoo group with friends. 

They are small, handmade books that artists can create covers for out of anything from cardstock, cd holders, small boxes, tins, just as long as they are small and pages created accordingly.  The pages usually take on the shape of the cover and the little book can be bound using many methods.  For very small projects, I like the Roll-a-bind system but anything goes and one can be as creative as they wish. 

The purpose of an Art Deco project is for engaging in round robins with other artists.  If I engage in an Art Deco from a Yahoo group, this means setting up a mailing order and schedule just as if it were an Altered Book.  The mailing costs are kept down as the projects, themselves, are on a smaller scale than an altered book.  In an Art Deco book project, each participant chooses a theme and also creates a sign-in page for their book and typically creates two pages or more of her own artwork.  The book is then mailed out to their respective friend and on and on it goes.  I love these as I just so enjoy receiving my friends' art in my book and am always in awe of how much I learn from them.  We usually share pictures of our projects, ahead, to give one another a preview so everyone can think, ahead, of what they might want to create for a respective theme.   Communication is the key with the Art Deco as if someone needs to be late with their mailing, after all; life happens so as long as there is open communication, there is never any complications.
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tag inserts of deco
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I have the privilege of teaching the Art Deco project at a local scrapbook store in my area called Captured Moments (Schenectady, New York, USA) and it was met with much enthusiasm.  The pictures, here, reflect the very first theme we had for class.  It was a holiday/winter theme.   

There are more samples of Art Deco pages I created in my
picturetrail gallery.  I have 3 albums entitled DECO and 4 x 4 pages. 

I hope this will inspire you all to start your own Art Deco projects with friends.  It truly is a way of learning and sharing new techniques with others, it enables you to use all of your art supplies that you have on hand, and I like the idea of everyone having themes as I love the challenge of thinking what I might want to do, looking through my stash of rubber stamps, collage images, papers to see what I can come up with to fit a particular theme.

Have fun! Artfully yours, Marilyn Rock
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