Papers 1, 3, 4 and 10 were done using the paper towel method
You take a two ply paper towel and fold it in half, then
fold in half again. Use watery mixes of three to four different coloured paints, these can be inks, acrylics, water colour, glitter, pretty much anything. Dip the corners of the towel or use a foam brush to add the paint to the towel, making sure the white is completely
covered. Take blank pieces of paper (this towel will do three to four pieces) and place the wet towel on top, now comes the fun bit, place pieces of lace fabric, bubble wrap, stencils, anything that will leave a pattern, on top of the towel, now use a brayer and roll it over the top.
There's no need to press hard on the first piece as it's very wet, continue on the other pieces of paper until no more paint comes away from the towel.
Leave the papers to dry.
Separate the tissue into two pieces and leave to dry, these can also be used in your journal or wherever.
When the papers are dry, paint over the top with another colour to fill in all the white spaces,
then decorate with home made stamps, which I make from erasers, stencils or hand drawn graphics. contd..
Paper 1
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 10
Papers  5, 6, 8, 9 and 12 were my scrap paper that I keep next to me when I'm painting and
stamping, I test my colours, stamps etc on these papers. When they are well covered I apply
a wash of another colour to fill in the white and tie the colours together, I add words to some,
I then scan them into my computer and use them as backgrounds for my photos or button scans,
as seen in one of the images. They can be used as journal pages or turned into cards.

Papers 2, 7 and 11 were decorated using detergent and paint. Mix acrylic paint with water into a plastic cup, add a squirt of dish washing detergent. Blow bubbles into the cup with a straw,
when the bubbles start to reach above the top of the cup take a piece of blank paper and lay it
over the cup, pressing down on the cup edges so that the bubbles stick to the paper.
If the paper is thin the bubbles go right through giving a nice design on both sides. Keep
blowing bubbles and putting the paper on them until you've covered most of the paper.
Let the paper dry, at this stage it may look fairly pale. Take another contrasting colour,
something like twinkling H2o's, Pearlescents or a watery acrylic mix, paint this as a wash over
the paper, the bubble pattern will absorb some of this and really stand out. When the wash is
dry you can decorate with stamps, stencils, glitter pens etc.
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 12 buttons
Paper 2
Paper 7
Paper 11
Altered book page
Altered book page detail
Altered book page detail
Altered book page detail
3 faces paper
collage page
out of Africa, girl with the far away
vintage pages
Build up your backgrounds with these techniques that Ro Bruhn uses in her journals and altered pages