You can use your own settings later, but for ease of the tutorial follow these ones to get the method
> means go to
1 open >File >new width 4ins height 4ins > Resolution 72 pixels/inch >contents (background) white > OK
2 File> Open, find a picture, any will do for now. >Move tool. Drag pic onto first doc with white background. > Edit > Transform by >press down arrow key on keyboard and drag square handle to size it proportionally. (Save as)
3. Press down>Ctrl and click on thumbnail pic in Layers palette (Layer1) This will select the pic
4. Select Brush tool in tool bar> Window (at the top) > Brushes tick. >Brush Tip Shape >select size 9 >select Spacing 150%
5 Select Eraser Tool in tool box. colour white>Select Mode >Brush (at the top> options)
6 >Layers Palette> at top index >Paths>small black arrow >Make Work Path>OK. >small black arrow again> Stroke Path. In pop up menu select Eraser>OK
If There is a spot missing around the edge just get the eraser and click the spot in
If there is a annoying faint line around it >View> Extras tick off. Gone
Add a drop shadow to make the stamp 3D > Layer palette> Layer1 double click to the right opens up Layer styles > Tick Drop Shadow to adjust the shadow if you want click on its bar and play with controls
Add Type> Type Tool (T in tool bar). Click in pic Layer 1. Now you have to select a suitable type face in a size you want, in colour you want (white is good)> option bar at the top. Using the Move tool you can position the type where you want. Add a stamp value
You can crop the stamp >Crop tool in tool bar or press C on keyboard. Click and drag adjust with handles >double click

Flatten image and save as a JPG with another name, you might want to work on the original PSD doc later.
photo booth photo stamp digi collaged crown
booth photo stamp digi collaged crown
A quick, simple? tutorial to make your basic arty stamp (as in faux postage stamp that is)
You can use any images-cabinets, tintypes, black white photos, photobooth, your own artwork. Print out a page, cut out, stick where-ever
To add a white/coloured border
Open a pic. Crop where you want. Select it >Edit>Stoke Width 10px Colour White or colour. OK
Follow steps for paths
This is just the start for you to make your own digital artestamps. Have fun and send me yours in an E mail> stamps
Geisha postcard stamp
Find artestamps we did many years ago with links to artestamp places here
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Barbara Rossman, Merlin, OR USA
Barbara Rossman
Digital Stamps from You
phone photo
sepia digital camera
sepia digital camera
Patricia Thornhill, Kent UK
Patricia Thornhill
Claudia Dunitz, stamp of my Mom. USA
Claudia Dunitz