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“Pampered Women “
an Altered Board Book with Norma Kooi
Conjures up images of men and women in love; the girls out for a night on the town, acting silly; going to the State Fair and hopping behind that cutout of girly girls. Women wearing diamonds and gossiping over coffee.

Details of how to make follows below.
Take a child’s board book; punch 3 holes through all pages, on the left hand side. Cut the pages apart. Now gather all your favorite floral fabric, some red checkered, school writing and red ticking canvas. Use PVA or Golden matt medium to adhere fabric to the book pages. I do this first, let set overnight, and then start the embellishing process.

I found some cool images in old magazines from the early 1900’s and/or gathered old photos from estate sales. Run color copies of the images so you can save the originals for your file. When adhering paper to fabric, use a very light coating of wet glue. If your glue is too thick, your pages with crinkle.

Grab those cool buttons you keep buying, rub-on letters, ribbon, lace, old envelopes and tags and start embellishing your pages. I used antique anagrams to spell out the words on page 4. The woman-in-black is adorned with little diamonds on her wrist and diamond earrings. Create a tag from an old photo adding stamps, labels, fibre, etc and stick it in the pocket on page 3. Bind with metal rings.
Norma has made a complete Altered Board Kit containing fabrics, images and accessories. For inquiries:
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