Having been to Mexico a number of times I became fascinated with Frida Kahlo.
Her life and art were so intertwined and portrayed the colonial part of this colorful country so well. I collected as much memorabilia about Frida as I could and made some art from my collection.
This little book I named ‘Dynamic Dreamer.’
To make it I cut 2 sheets of card stock in half, stacked 3 pieces on top of each other and sewed down the middle with my machine. Now I had a nice book to decorate with a cover and 8 pages.
I added a glassine envelope from the Post office to the center.
There I could hide notes about Frida’s secret lover Leon Trotsky. All the pages were collaged, the cover was decorated with a copy of an old book cover and a tag was attached to the first page through a hole at the top.
Another page had a pocket made of tulle, inside I slipped sequins and fibers before closing.
I copied some pictures onto fabric, others onto transparencies and added these over other images to give a mysterious feel to the pages.
The book really is all about Frida’s many faces, her art, her health and her loves.
I tried to portray these ideas with images over other images, and words cut from magazines and articles.
The back of the book has 2 holes punched along the top, and a cord threaded through and knotted on the back. It adds a touch of whimsy.
I tied another cord around the spine and completed a tag to add to the first page.
Tag: is an ATC with a Frida image surrounded by torn papers, metallic foil and some painted areas. To tie to the book I punched a hole in the center at the top and tied fibers through this and the first page.

Create your own Frida book.
A Project by Lilla.
Copy my pages as many times as you like, two to a page. 5x7”
The cover is best copied onto matte photo paper.
Glue sets of two together back to back, do not separate the 2 images though.
Trim the edges to size and fold each in half.
Press under heavy books till dry.
To finish the book, add your own trims, fibers, stickers, beads, pictures, stamps, words and more.
Sew down the center by machine, or hand bind the book your own way.
Love to see what you created with my project.
This makes a dynamic gift for a friend, a scrap- booker or anyone special. You too!
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