Iusually find myself late nights playing around in Photoshop unwinding from the day, musing along with the muse and laid back music, trying out my new downloaded brushes, or  some filters or anything I happen to click with. Getting unexpected effects and rolling along with them. I don't / cant be bothered to criticise and judge, just having too much fun. I learn so many new effects, discover so many new colours I find it hard to stop until I can hardly see.  So here is a selection probably not all wonderful, but the experimental mind is all important.  Some of the brushes I cant remember where I found them but I will try to do so. Usually I get brushes from the places on my digital links page HERE.
These colorfilter brushes are cool 
General Brushes - Behind the Screen
Hey you never know what you  can do until you try. Practise makes better. Chill out, play and enjoy yourself.
Using Patterns below.
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Using the pattern feature is really easy and creates some interesting decorative effects. Find a bit of a pattern you like, scale is important (this you can experiment with) select an area and go to Edit> Define Pattern. Give it a name in the pop up.
To use it on your work, get the selection box/oval or draw a freehand shape with the lasso tool and fill with the paint bucket. This has to be set to pattern >click arrow in Fill to pattern and the box next to it you can choose your pattern. In your Layers click on Style by clicking to the right or rightclick >Blending Options. Here click Pattern Overlay, find your pattern  and use the scale slider to change it as you want, Click ok. Move it around, build up layers of image with patterns and add brushes. Experimenting with these tools you will get some unusual results
Gillian Allen March 06
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