6x8 1/2" approx, ruled hardback notebook Front
6x8 1/2" approx, ruled hardback notebook Front
Under a 1 $1.50 fliptop photo album Front
Under a 1 $1.50 fliptop photo album Back
Got your Gifts Covered How To
Not much money around for those extra gifts we would like to give ?. Take a visit to your 90cent/Poundstretcher type store. I bought hardback notebooks and those flip photo albums each at lest than 1. Great canvases to work some magic on.
You do need also, scanner and printer. Complementing decorative papers, printed images (find some free ones
here, if you haven't any). Pva, bits and bobs, ie I have a large bag of  'old' jewelry collected from boot fairs, and a box of old retro buttons off estate sales on ebay  (these are always coming in useful). Brass findings if you have. Lace, ribbons, braids etc. Brass label holders from an ironmongers (not the nice expensive little pack sort you buy from paper design rip off stores or you can if you want) Mica or acetate
I don't use my expensive original papers that I buy from USA(gone in a flash) no I make use of my scanner and printer. Printing out as many sheets as I need whenever. (Good idea to print out small trials for colour correction first)
I fancied doing some Shabby Chic type decoration theme, but had no patterned paper like this. But I did have some co-ordinating shabby rose type fabrics-in different size patterns, but same colour palette. I tea dyed these to get that shabby look
So I scanned these in (working out how much of each pattern to cover one book size of notebook) Then printed them out. They pretty much still looked like fabric. Cut them out and glued the pieces on the front. Allow 1/2" to fold over edges all round  and about 1/2" on the back. Make mitered corners (simple diagram
here ) and 2 cuts into the spine to fold down in, for a neat edge.
Three patterns of varying design work well as long as they have similar colourways. Also varying the proportions of each amount you are using. I will always play with fabrics or paper to get a. a feel for them and b. how best they look together. This part usually takes the longest, but determines what you will end up with. With more practise you get an 'eye' for it and becomes easier. So always play with patterns, colours and proportions.
Alongside this part you need to find your accessories that will embellish your theme. A selection of vintage images, mounted on card covered in some decorative paper that blends. Brass label holders, with printed type ( to age the printed type I rubbed over, old linen/tea dye inks from the
Tim Holtz range. A piece of mica or acetate is inserted over the paper into the holder. Small brass split pins into the holes and bent back. This is then stuck onto the cover.
I used
7Gypsies 100% Authentic tape (think this is discontinued but they have good collections of papers) on the striped photo album, along with some resin filled round brass bezels I had from a previous project. You can see how to do those here , such fun to do, if interested. Any decorative buttons/typwriter keys or embellishments can be used. Thin pieces of mica were stuck over the images. Brads can be put in the corners. And a final bow of ribbons/lace pearls large vintage buttons, brass findings, broken jewelry, whatever you have, was hot glued on.
The backs can be just one pattern or also decorated with some images, old sheet music, torn dictionary (give these also the aging treatment). A quick wipe around the notebook/photo album edges with the distressing Holtz inks, will give the vintage look.
Hope the recipient will be totally delighted with such a beautiful unique gift from you. Alternatively you may want to keep it your self
Gillian Allen 1109

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Paris Chic Journal
Paris Journal Back
For this Journal, same printed fabric papers, Boot fair recycled beads, Vintage button as in previous, lace, vintage images, overlayed with Mica, old brass label holder, Vintage Swavorsky  and other gems