As well as creating art-e-zine , finding the wonderful artists and designing the pages, I do quite a lot of artwork of my own, so Welcome to my little neck of the woods. A place where I can feel I can let loose and try some things out. At present I have rounded up some of my artworks that are scattered around the art-e-zine site--some going back a while, and  I will include more new work in the future. I also crop up on most of our swaps
I have divided them into categories that I generally fall into. Some pics when clicked on will take you off to the  page full of other artists work on that theme.
See this as a work in progress, for your pleasure and my stimulation. I love to create something out of nothing, and am always experimenting with new mediums, materials and ideas, not always successfully but I try not to judge my work nowadays as that seems to prevent further progress,  I am my worst critic. But I hope you like a few of my things here at least.
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