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So I was just getting carried away with PhotoImpact and having a ball
and probably I should be carried away, but I love dancing ----Gillian Allen
Catherine Withrow/Wayout 2
Catherine Withrow :Wayout 2, digitally created artwork
Patti Sandham: Grunge 1
Patti Sandham: Grunge 1
Ok I have done a piece in my journal with the Grunge them. This is a real stretch from my usual style. I have never done anything like it before, but I really wanted to do this. I want to try doing some more work in this theme. It has really intrigued me to do something raw and wild. Yahoo! Cheers Patti
Gillian Allen/play with me
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen /Art Journal
Susan Cohen sent pages from her Art Journal, I liked the drawing and used some for the background. Journals are a great place to unwind, experiment and try out new ideas, without being critical, and just having fun
You can find some cool fonts to play around with at Sassy fonts
A few great sites for inspiration
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Lynne Perrella
The Studio Zine
Susan Cohen Art Journal pages
Clarissa Sharp, grunge collage 1
Clarissa Sharp, grunge collage
Clarissa Sharp, grunge collage/ close up
Clarisssa Sharp
Kimberly Lindbergs
Kimberly Lindbergs
I've been enjoying your ezine for awhile and recently tried my hand at making a b/w grungy type collage on the computer - trying to go for that "hands on" arty look. It's a little tribute to my fave "vamp", the silent screen star Theda Bara
Kimberly Lindbergs