My favourite camera, and I've had a few, is my phone. An iphone3G. "They"said I was crazy to buy a phone, very expensive one at that, just for the camera app, (application), and yes this is true I am. But this is what its like when you're an artist or someone who has to be creative one way or the other. I'm going to make a bloglike Journal series of musings about my discoveries/ experiments, and ideas photographically related. How to get similar effects without an iphone if you havent, other apps if you have. Lots of samples, slideshows, links to useful ,and interesting stuff.. Hopefully, sort of an ongoing thing.

The Hipstamatic app simulates the effects of the Toy Camera. Lomo, Holga, plastic cameras have quiteaa cult following.
Wikipedia Toy
They take bad (which is good) exciting photos due to light leakage, distorted lens effects, this has been elevated to an art status, and a philosophical mindset, whereby normal image composition is trashed in favour of randomness, spontaneous, the button pushed impulsively, shoot from the hip is the war cry.  I never did get into it mainly because the effects can't be guaranteed and printing cost for a set of prints that might not be successful, was not practical. I tried many ways to alter photos digitally see article
here . But they do take a lot of work in Photoshop. So when I saw the Hipstamatic app (thanks to my daughter who acquired an iphone grrr) I was so excited. So simple, ( but not the getting of the phone) The app itself only cost .55p, its now $1.99 still a bargain. You also get lens/film/flash packs with this, and more packs can be bought. More info here Hipstamatic itunes
Its like being a kid in a candy store. Every photo you shoot seems like a piece of art. You never know how it will come out. I love it. If you shake the iphone, the app will generate its own random settings (there is also a group for this :).
Hipstamatic hold regular competions with great prizes. Check
here for recent comps
Just to show you how many others agree here are some flickr groups who play with it
Flickr Hipstamatic Groups
here about how the original camera was created by two brothers Bruce and Winston Dorbowski in Wisconsin, USA
Here are some more funky photos

Lens: Kaimal Mark II Film: Inas 1969 Flash: Laser Lemon Gel
Lens : John S Film: Float Flash: Off
Collection of my photos using the new Bettie XL Lens, with Ina's 1935 film. A soft dreamy pastely effect.
View on iPad Here
Above: some of my fave Hipstamatic photos from Lucinda Allen
Slide Collection from Global Gathering 2010 using
John S Lens Film: Kodot Verichrome Flash: DreamPop
Free Counters
The various sets of Lenses Films and Flashes are more than enough for experimantation and variation for any serious photographic fun. In the Hipstamatic gallery all the details of what has been used are one tap on the back. From here you can also upload to your friends/facebook and contests, and buy more packs. The black and white films create some exciting images also. I really like the various frames which give a great finish.
I got interested in shapes and colours and capturing the atmosphere at this music festival. So much exciting visual and audio stuff going on. John S Lens is one of the more colourful options.
I will be trying out more camera apps and programmes which might be useful if you dont own an iphone. So check back here.
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