Online web based Gizmo. Will give hours of endless amusement. Transform any image into a retro/ grungy, photo. No need for an app although you can get that here (so thoughtful:)
But use it here. Right now. Right here
Go and get your image, off your puter
Play with the filters --See that dial thing at the bottom--red blue yellow (I didn't)
Here you can change to effects by sliding along the slide-like get some glitter
Then on the yellow (its so easy being green) get it framed. Nice lot of options to choose from
Click Save and save to your computer, name it and done.
You can try one of their photos for easier
. gillian allen 25 08 2011
Free Counters
If you need something like Photoshop,  pixlr also do an online image editor. Check it out here
my blog  should be doing something useful (follow for updates and other unrelated stuff) Let me know if you had fun with this. Gillian
If you need a load of vintage images you can get a load here for a donation to art-e-zine