Feeling guilty for not actually using my coil punch which was shipped from US at quite an expense (a few years ago) I felt I really should give it a go. What to punch and coil, was always a vague question. I collect flyers, well, I get given large plastic packets of them when crawling out of the club in the early hours, I will also pick up the odd interesting discarded club invites off the pavements of Ibiza. I like the graphics. I have piles. (not those ones) Also I have piles of sprayed stencils. When you cut a stencil and spray it, you're not going to do just one. So I have a lot of them too. Another things I save (excuse english) are the cool labels from various clothings, and they are getting cooler, so must keep.
Well that seems enough to be going on with. Get the cards (roughly A5 ers) stick on stencils, do things to them i.e. collage on sample bits of wallpapers, sew them into vinyl pockets, brad on stuff, fold overs (with staples) to put stickers in, transparencies from other projects, unused printed images, tie in the coil, labels, bits of fabric etc
To put together was simple. I cut strips of black card with the slidy paper trimmer thingy. Then I stuck it under the hole punch to punch the holes, which it does, very nicely. These strips were (and I feel guilty again as its so easy) then stapled (click click one, very satisfying) to the 'pages'. Now I could hold it together with big bulldog clips and (I wish I could say easily) but wasn't that bad, hey I'm on a mission. Get the 1" coil (black) and start working it through the holes. I seem to remember knitting needles being used to line some of the holes up, yes a good Tip here.. Bend the coil with a pliers top and bot. Then find anything else you want to tie onto the spinal coil, again very satisfying. Quite quickish. You can have different sizes of pages, which I did, this allows other pages to show behind, and creates interesting colour schemes and stuff. It may not be great art but it is great fun. A good exercise for arranging stuff on the fly and getting your intuition reved up.
Its in da House because I have all this stuff that might have been thrown away, (if I listen to my DH) in my house. And I like House music (especially Electro) I see a similarity here where the DJ is mixing up the vinyl found in his bag, which produces his House style, like a restaurant chef's Chef salad. I often see myself like a visual DJ showing different artist's work and creating themes to stimulate the eyes and brain. Of course to music which I play very loud  (computer speakers and subwoofer or headphones are highly recommended) )(do try it!!!)           
Gillian Allen  10 08

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