This section will try to cover various types of transferring images to your artwork. A lot are well known and some may be new. All give different results, some are easier than others and will need some practise and experimentation to achieve the effects you are after.
Your contributions in the way of information and artwork examples to the various methods on these pages are very welcome
Helpful links are also included
Joan Mumbauer shows a collection of her delightful polaroid transfers with info on how to create them
Bobby Besley shares this interesting technique that is well suited to fabrics
Ink Jet Transparency Transfers
Donia Nance details this method that works on many surfaces and
Bobbi Studstill shares some of her beautiful examples of this technique
Transfers using Liquid Polymer
La La uses this versatile medium (Liquid Sculpey) for transfers on clay but it can be used on many materials
T Shirt Transfers on fabric and Polymer Clay
Gillian Allen creates a faux leather journal cover with iron on transfers
Invent It Body Tattoo Transfers
Karen Woods shows us how to get the Old Masters Look with Tattoo Transfers to Polymer Clay
Lazertran Transfers for the inkjet
Dawn Beckert takes us through the process of a creating an art tile and a collaged canvas using Lazertran for inkjet
Jeanne Germani explains this unusual process
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Mieke Mulder, shows how to create gel transfers on rocks and dolls
Printing on Fabric with the Ink Jet
Jill Smith shares her experience with this technique and some others useful for transfer onto fabric
Wonderful Polaroids from multi talented artist Jeanne Germani
Quite a simple technique but with lots of possiblities from Jeanne Germani
Paper and inkjet Transfers
Lisa Cook uses this easy method on fabric and paper
Water Ink Jet Transfers
Barbara Rossman writes about a simple yet tricky method for transfering inkjet
Pat Winter takes you step by step on using this handy tool for transferring images