angel tags
angel tags
Stone angel
Abbey's journal 8
Stone angel is an 11 x 17 blender pen transfer on stonehenge printmaking paper
angels tags is a blender pen transfer on tags
Abby5 is a blender pen transfer on vellum
IThis is a blender pen transfer on satin fabric
roadmap2  blender pen transfer...the image on the tag is what's left over of an original photocopy that I transfered onto a book page.  It picked up some of the text and looked interesting to me so I re-used it on the tag. Abbey's journal 8 below is an example of the same thing..
This is a transfer process using photocopies and a blender pen.  I use a Chartpak Blender Pen.

Blender Pen
Photocopies (fresh ones work the best and remember that your image will be reversed so for text ask for a reversed photocopy)
A Receptor surface (transfers can be done on wood, paper, cloth and copper)
Tool for burnishing (bone folder or wooden spoon)

NOTE  Blender pens contain the solvent XYLENE which is highly toxic.   Please use in a well ventilated area or outdoors if possible!

Place photocopy toner side down on the receptor surface.  You can lightly tape it in place if there are margins around the area to be transferred.  Apply blender pen to the back of the photocopy using repeated, overlapping strokes until the image is visible through the back of the photocopy.  Burnish this area and then move onto another section if you are transferring a large image.  You can check under a corner to see how transfer is taking, being careful not to move or shift the photocopy.  If you are not satisfied with the results re-apply more solvent from the blender pen and burnish again until transfer is completed. Have fun playing!
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wooden letterbox
I used blender pen on a wooden letterbox.  I'd never tried transfers on wood before so it was great having the incentive to do so.  I'm pleased with how well it took....definitely something to try again!