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Bondaweb (Wonder Under in the US) is a fusible webbing and goes by various names but it is readily available by the yard from most fabric shops or haberdashers. I carefully feed the bondaweb (complete with backing paper) through my inkjet and print my images directly onto the webbing. Once the printing is complete I simply iron them to whatever background I am working with, using baking parchment between the iron and the web (otherwise you end up with a very nasty ness on your iron!) The surface will feel slightly sticky at first but this soon wears off. You can paint the bondaweb too, with acrylics or watercolours and then transfer it to fabric or paper in the same gives a lovely aged effect as a base for machine embroidery, more paint or collage. The thing I like best about this method is the surface texture that you end up with. Bondaweb on cotton feels like suede and makes fabulous book covers (see photo Bondaweb 2). I even use the backing paper once the bondaweb has been ironed off..I love the diffused image that it leaves behind!
I only ever do this with an inkjet printer...please do not try to put Bondaweb through a photocopier or laser printer as the heat would almost certainly melt it in the machine..ugh!!
Bobby Besley
Transferring Images to Paper or Fabric Using Bondaweb
Printed Bondaweb ironed onto polycotton fabric
Printed Bondaweb ironed to cotton which has then been attached to card, stamped over and used as a bookcover
Printed Bondaweb ironed onto polycotton backed with felt, this has then been further enhanced with machine and hand stitching.
Text printed onto Bondaweb and ironed onto a hand dyed cotton background.
Painted Bondaweb ironed on top of handmade, hand dyed felt. Chiffon scarf scraps were added on top of the Bondaweb before ironing and melted together to the surface giving a lovely distressed feel. This was then machined with metallic threads and carved with a hot soldering iron! Gives a really antique feel.
Acrylic over Bondaweb transfer.
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