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Printing onto Fabric
One of the easiest methods of transferring images to fabric is the freezer paper method.
This is how you do it, cut a piece of freezer paper the same size as your printer paper, also cut a piece of fine cotton fabric the same size and make sure there are no threads hanging to catch in your printer.
Then iron the cotton fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper and put one sheet at a time into your printer, sometimes it curls so l have a stick just to hold it back as its feeding through.
You can also print text this way as well,  when it feels dry , just place a piece of parchment paper over it and iron with a hot iron setting and this will set the colours.
Transferring with Stichless glue.
This glue is a fabric glue, you find your image and put quite a bit of the glue on to the image and then lay face down onto your fabric, let it dry and then peel the paper away from the fabric, it can be a bit fiddly but it gives a good transfer. If you are left with tiny wisps of paper on your image , just give it a very light coat with the Stitchless Glue.
Transferring with Acrylic Medium
This way is the same method as for the Stitchless Glue but use a matt medium and also you don't have to let it dry completely before removing the paper.
T- Shirt Transfers
This is another easy way but it does leave a slight handle on your fabric. All you do is feed one sheet at a time through your printer and when dry , iron it back onto your fabric.
Photocopy Transfers
There are quite a few solvent transfer methods but a lot have very toxic fumes and the images are no better than using the other methods
I f you can get Orange Glo cleaner, it is available in the UK from Lakeland. This is a good transfer method and l find using the cleaner in a mist sprayer works best. You need to put some kitchen paper down first on your table then your fabric and the image face down onto it then spray the back of the image. Hold the copy at one corner while rubbing with the back of a soon all over the back of the image. Then gently pull up one corner to see if the image has come through, if it hasn't place the copy down and use more cleaner and rub a little harder with the spoon
Mending Tape Transfer
This transfer is done with a mending tape, the kind you use for mending holes in jeans and other things. Here in the UK its got a lot of names but in the US Bondex works the best but l have found black and white copies work the best.
You take a piece of the tape and iron it onto your image, then peel it away and you will find the image is on the mending tape so you just iron the back and it transfers the image to the fabric.
There are now lots of ways to transfer images and its great fun experimenting with different methods.
Have fun. Jill Smith 2003

Jill Smith is a textile artist in the UK
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Fabric Fragments by Jill Smith created  by the printing onto fabric method
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