* artist-doll
*acrylic paint( lumieres)
*black ink
*Mod Podge or other matte gel medium( Goldens)

Paint your doll  one color and let dry
After drying you can paint the wings's and hair.

Copy your stamped images with the help of a copier,
you printer doesn't work for this.

Start painting with the gel medium first into vertical direction
let dry this will take about 30 minutes
now paint into horizontal direction
let dry again and repeat this until you have a total of six layers
While waiting for the drying between each layer you can best
put your foambrush into a plastic bag, this way you don't need
to clean it after each layer.
When this is done, I give the sheets one night to dry very well.

Cut out your images
put them into a little lukewarm water for 5 minutes
start rubbing at the backside, the side where the paper is and start removing the paper, this mostly will not be done at once, you always can see if your paper totally is gone after drying. If not all the paper is gone, wet your finger and start GENTLE rubbing again till everything is gone and you have a clear
piece with your image onto.
This way you need to do all your images, let them all dry well.
IF this all take too much from your time, I also tried the image transfer technique with using clear plastic tape and for bigger images you could use clear plastic sticky sheets, you now only need to make copier prints and start again with
cutting the images and put them into lukewarm water and gentle rubbing them.

After this all is done, you start gluing them with the same medium onto your doll, where ever you want to have them, this way; add some medium to the doll and place your image onto it- ready after gluing all the images onto your doll you can if you want add some leafing at several places.
For the finish you paint the whole doll with the medium matte (or glossy) and ready you are.
This same way you can paint the rocks too.
You can always ask for help at my e-mail address, mikkemus@home.nl
Mieke Mulder
Goldens Acrylic Gel more info on the gel process
Gel Medium Transfers from Aaron Weinstein
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