Donia Nance, Domino necklace with transferred photo
Donia Nance, Fabric with transferred photo
Donia Nance, Fabric with transferred photo
Donia Nance ,Tags with transferred image and "faint" image
Donia Nance, Formica tag with transferred photo
Donia Nance, Tag with transferred clipart
Ink Jet Transparency Film Transfers

Donia Nance

Ink Jet transfers are quick and easy to do. Don't get
discouraged if the transfer isn't perfect --that's
part of the appeal.   Often, you can make a couple of
transfers from one transparency with each transfer
becoming fainter. The fainter images have an
interesting, delicate feel, much like a watermark.

Something to transfer: clipart, computer-generated
text and images, scanned photos, etc.
Something to receive the transfer: paper, altered
books, fabric, etc.
Ink Jet Transparency Film: I use 3M brand also Apollo transparency film (not quick dry)
Gel Medium: I use Liquitex Gloss and Golden's Matte.
Fabric Stiffening Spray: I use Stiffen Stuff
Something to burnish with: a bone folder, spoon, your
fingernail ;-)

1. If using fabric, prepare with spray according to
2. Print your images to the transparency film using
an ink jet printer. Be sure to reverse all type! Since
the paper is rather pricey, I try to put as many
images, quotes, etc. as possible on each sheet.
3. Cut out image to be transferred, leaving a small
border around the image.
4. Apply medium to the receiving surface using a foam
brush or your finger. You want an even coverage but
not so much the image slides around when you place it
on the receiving surface.
5. Place image print-side down on the receiving
surface. Gently, but firmly, burnish image. You can
carefully lift up the transparency to see how the
image is transferring.
6. When image is transferred --it should take less
than a couple of minutes-- pull off transparency.
That's it!!

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