This is just the greatest thing! You can transfer any image you have on your computer to just about any surface you like! Paper, book pages, fabric! It takes a little bit of practice – hopefully I can save you some of the hours I have spent perfecting this technique! Be prepared for the transfer to not be “perfect.” Adds to the charm and vintage look, I think.


“Great White Imaging and Photo Paper”(Extra Heavy Weight; Matte Finish; # 86010)
Golden brand “Fluid Matte Medium”
2” Foam brush or one to fit the size of your images
Heavy wooden rolling pin (you weren’t going to bake those pies anyway…)
Transfer surface – paper or light colored all cotton woven fabric like Kona cloth

Purchase the paper at Staples or other office supply stores for around $8-10 for 100 sheets. This paper makes the best color copies on my inkjet printer! And the price is right!

Set your printing options on your computer to “premium paper/best print” and print your pictures. Make sure and “flip horizontal” any images with writing. I place about 4 to 12 pictures on a page depending on picture size.

Cut out the picture along the edges, but leave a little tab to be able to grab the image without touching the picture once it gets coated with the transfer medium.

If you are transferring to fabric, place it on top of a piece of wax paper to protect the surface underneath. Using a foam brush or your finger, coat the picture with a lot of medium and then smooth it out with your fingertip so that it feels nice and slippery all over the picture. Use your little tab to hold on to the paper, but keep the medium off that or they will stick on to your transfer surface!

Place the picture onto the surface you want to transfer to and smooth out quickly all over with your clean fingertip. Next step is the most important one - take the rolling pin and roll all over the picture in one or two different directions using some effort. I have done this on top of my kitchen counter and my wooden dining table and both worked well. I have tried other things to burnish the image and this is the top winner – SO easy!!

Let the picture sit for at least 60 seconds and then try lifting with the tab. If they image doesn’t seem to be fully transferred then get out that rolling pin again and roll, baby roll! Or burnish the small area left with the edge of your foam brush. Pull off the paper fairly quickly and see your image!

Lisa Cook 2002
Christmas ornament
Paris Collage
Close up of pillow
transferred picture on a pillow
Pillow I made using the transfer technique with an old postcard image - one of my favorite image resources!!
Paris Collage
I started out with the background transfer images on an old blank ledger book page (the hotel label, the envelope and then I overlapped the woman and the girl)  The transfers become somewhat transparent when placed on darker backgrounds.  I cut this whole piece out and glued to the vintage canning label.  The Eiffel Tower, the strawberry label, and the butterfly are all color copies and were glued on next.  I then transfered the "Paris" word directly to the label and added the corner embellishments and stars.
I am just begining to scratch the surface of the possibilities.  I think one thing I really like about this method vs contact paper transfer or transparency transfers is the lovely feel of the surface after you transfer.  There is no "plasticy" feel.  The surface has just a bit of a chalky feel to it and the paper looks and feels like the transfer has always been a part it.  You can create a vintage look to your work with this effect and often the transfer is not perfect, so there are little rips or wrinkles sometimes. 

I would like to  mention that I learned about this Great White paper transfer technique from Traci Bunkers through Lesley Riley's
"Injet Transfer" Yahoo group. 
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transfer card
Transfer Card below
I used the Great White method and transfered the girl (from the
Vintage Images collection) to a piece of old ledger paper, cut that out and glued to the stamped card stock, then added the rick rack and the flower.  Simple but classy!
Tape Transfers

It is easy to do a transfer using packaging tape. I like the Scotch Clear Packaging brand best. You are limited to image size because of the width of the tape. Glossy magazine images work the best, as the paper is nice and thin, but experiment. I have used old calendars too, but it just takes a little longer to get all the paper off and sometimes not all of it comes off! It still is a good effect.

Choose your image and place the tape over it. Smooth it with your fingertip and then burnish it with something smooth. I used the rounded wood edge of one of my larger stamps and also the TV remote control worked well! 

Soak the image in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes. Peel the magazine paper off the back and then you will have to rub the residual paper off under running water. The more you can rub off, the clearer the image will be. Do not scrape it off, however or the image will scratch off. Pat dry on a towel and there you have it! It looks like a very thin transparency! Attach it with gel medium, glue or use a Xyron.

Clear “Contac” brand paper also works for this technique, but make sure and have a nice dark image for it. Lighter images did not work as well for me. I even used one on a white domino followed with a coat of varnish.   Lisa Cook 2002