Janet Wilson/gold metal collage
Janet Wilson/Napkin feather collage
Janet Wilson/silver mesh collage
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Whilst I am a dyed in the wool paperholic (and have been since a very early age) I do love metal and wire too.   This love was fostered when I took a 2 year adult education course on silversmithing & jewellery making way back in the late 70's early 80's.   It was a very serious course and our tutor was a highly qualified silversmith (he made the most wonderful boxes which he raised from a sheet of silver... brilliant stuff) and he also made
superb jewellery too.   As I worked my way through the course I fell under the spell of metal... it is a wonderful medium to work in although quite unforgiving when you make a mistake !
To clear my palate so to speak between commissions, I have started to work in metal/wire again when I get the chance.  This is purely for my own artistic expression.....

As silver sheet is somewhat expensive (to say the least) I use 36 guage metal sheets that are available in most craft stores (not the tin smithing stuff, I do this sometimes too (tin smithing)).  The biggest draw back to
crafters is the fact that most metal (particularly copper and pewter, silver and gold too) sheet needs to be cleaned with specialist materials once the piece has been made and then sealed.  It is a bit of a chore and you have to be careful with the cleaning stuff... it is an acid.

To make life easier (I'm lazy at times too) I have used a gold/silver coloured metal sheet that has a coating on it... i.e. it will not oxidise and a "huff" and a "buff" and the fingermarks etc disappear.  It is alsovery mallable too.  I do use copper sheet (both coated and uncoated) but have not photographed any of them yet (I borrow a digitalcamera from my brother).

some info on the pieces...

Both the gold and silver collages use simple techniques...and as I am a great believer in art products can be used in craft and that certain of the hobby products can most certainly be used by artists...both collages show
that this is true.  The frame for the silver collage I covered in a thin handmade paper and the same paper also makes up the backboard of the collage.

The feather collage... again a simple idea using products readily available on the craft market.   The background and one of the layers is a humble paper napkin...the sort you wipe your face on and throw away !
I have some more ideas that I want to try out in metal/wire..in fact quite an irresistible urge...so hopefully this weekend I shall forget my work in hand and indulge my passion for metal.....
gold metal detail
napkin feather detail