Lady Bug Prince!
Lemon Grove Princess!
In The Mermaid Garden
The Lantern Ball!
The Cow-Bunnies of Pixie Ranch!
Carnival Fairy
Queen! For Faerie Zine Swap
The Cupcake Sea-Fairies!
Queen Bee!
The Emerald City
Moonlight Lullaby's!
Adeline is a bird2
Cowbunny Academy
Fairy Godmother
Fairyland Presents and Lullaby!
Le Mer-Mystique Circus!
Tiana, the Fairy Queen of Hearts!
A Secret Garden in 3-D ATC
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I am an artist dedicated to preserving one's imagination and keeping history alive, through re-inventing vintage photos and turning them into their own magical world with fantasy themes and storybook lines.  I try to create a place you haven't been to before, a place where you can unleash your creative muse and explore hidden worlds which will lead you down an artistic path and illuminate your life.
I hope when you view my works that you will leave with much
magic and joy!
Lisa Kettell, Aka Moonfaires 0807