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When I begin working in my art journal I tend to think about how my day went ....bad my entry gets a bit dark and I tend to use darker paints, images, and inks!!If a good or not wanting to think what kind of day it is, then I grab the 1st image I like or I may have found something earlier in the week or so and decide to use that!!  I like to use paints,or papers and or both and of course inks to create my backgrounds, you can use your favorite stamps, magazine images and/or words, text, printed images, photos, fabric tags, movie stubs, cards or whatever you would like to add, to remind you of that particular day or time, any things that can be glued, sewn, wired, stapled, brads, eyelets, or attached by whatever means can be put in your art journal! 
Just Play and express yourself!!!!
Let loose and write 
whatever comes to mind and if don't want others to read it or be able to see it then paint or stamp or put papers over it!!! say what you need to using the images you have and add magazine or old vintage text
papers or whatever comes to mind!! I tend to use whatever happens to be
on my art table at the time and always have something I have saved just for my journal!!! I tend to use whatever I am in the mood for my
backgrounds depending on what I want to play with!! I would like to
find time to create more in my journal but don't always find it!!
I have learned though, to try setting aside at least 15 minutes each day
and at least do something art wise!! and you can do that with your
journal even if just to create a background!!! One thing Teesha Moore does in hers is to paint several pages ahead of time (4-5) so
you have a place to start!! especially if you don't work well with a blank page! I like creating mine as I go along, so each individual page is different, as are you ideas and techniques! I also like using 140# hot press water color paper because it is smooth to write, doodle, draw (no I don't draw, can't make stick figures, but I know some are great artists so it is a nice paper to draw on! I am currently working in a special made journal by Leslie Herger from   
www.comfortableshoesstudio.com   I love her leather journals, and have 3. Now of course you can make your own very simply or even buy one or just use an old book and alter it for your journal. An Art Journal is a place to let yourself go and create art or just write and doodle whatever makes you happy it's your journal,
If I can help in anyway please let me know just email me and check out the
Yahoo groups, lots there and also for fab eye candy of course Teesha
Moore's site. Gillian has displayed several pages in my art journal
and an Engagement Calendar RR I am doing which I used as a journal too. I have found creating in my journal to be very freeing and also a great outlet to express your feelings and also to practice art and try new and fun ideas and techniques!! so have fun with your journal it's not supposed to be a chore!!! Thanks Gillian for letting me share. Linda Koch Feb 06,