ATC Block Assemblage " Moments"
Collage Art Block "Friendship"
Art Block Assemblage
ATC Art Block Assemblage  Unleash Your Inner Diva
Assemblage Statue INspire
Collage Art Block  Trust
Collage Art Block
Collage Art Block
Art Block Birdhouse
Art Blocks
Collage Art Block
Collage Art block Squared
Art block fairy
Art Block Swizzle Theatre Set
Art Block House of Creativity
Art Block Keepsake Set
Collage Art Block
ATC Block Assemblage "Simple Treasures"
Art Block Theatre Set
ATC/ACEO Assemblage Block
Collage Art Block
Art Block Cross Assemblage
   As little ones, my children could spend hours playing with colorful building blocks, weaving imaginative stories that went along with their creations!  The little girl in me always loved the surprises that could be found in the multitude of ways the blocks could be arranged. A couple of years ago, I came across a set of wooden building blocks and began to play in my studio with the idea of sharing encouraging and therapuetic messages, themes and stories on small sets of stained wooden blocks. What fun is was to discover the hidden messages that were to be found by simply rearranging the blocks. I found it intriqueing what emerged that I didn't even realize was possible! It reminded me that there are still so many undiscovered paths our lives can take. Its all a matter of how things are arranged and placed.  It may even require our willingness to rearrange parts of our life so that a new direction can make itself known! Each unique arrangement is an opportunity for reflection and discovery.

So the little girl in me continued to play and what began as simple messages of hope and healing on small sets emerged into more elaborate, colorful and whimsical stories. Art block castles, art block houses and theatres, shadowboxes, swizzle sets, assemblages and collage blocks began to fill my studio. They are such a delight to design and I have been blessed to hear of the fun others are having in allowing their inner child to play with the sets they have received.  They become a unique avenue to tell one's own story and reflect on the journey ahead!"     Lani Kent 2007
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