I just finished my second journal and started in my third... Since I just all of a sudden started this blog, and never really explained why I do what I do, I thought this would be a good momentum to explain a little bit.

I started my journal as an application project for art school. When I had my first interview at art school, I got the following assignment for the second interview:

Visual journal

Create an image for at least 21 days about an aspect of that certain day. Use different techniques. Try new - especially new to you - techniques and materials. Try to integrate text and image. Size is free, you can work in a dummy.
And here I am - working every day on something simple of more complicated, just depending on my mood, long after the first 21 days and even long after I heard I got accepted in school. This journal has become a very rewarding element in my life, really. It is just a great thought of going to bed knowing you made something, even though it might be a very simple collage that took only 10 minutes to make. It pushes me to discover new things and has learned me a lot.

Also the journal is the basis for the blog, which has been even more rewarding than the journal itself. And to thank you for all your wonderful comments, which are so appreciated
Marieke Berghuis Leewens
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Yesterday I finished my journal. Full, from the first to the last page! Three months of drawing and designing daily have passed. I found it extremely satisfying to be motivated to create something everyday. It can be simple or not, but it does document what you do, see, feel. Things you easily forget. Also, it helps me developing my style and skills. For all those reasons it became a valuable object, that thick, chunky Moleskine squared reporter notebook. I started on my own, keeping everything for myself. Not anymore, since you are all so kind to visit my site and even comment on the things I make. Not only is this a huge motivation for me to go on, it sure makes all the drawing, computing, glueing, collecting and so on way more interesting !          (Contined below)
NB:"It's 2008 now I have just started my ninth journal (a spiral bound one with thick sketching paper bought in Paris - lately I have been taking sidesteps from Moleskine's). In addition to already mentioned positive effects I can add that my journal website Treats & Treasures had enabled me to quit my lawyer job and work as a designer full time - a bit of a dream come true  even!" M L      0108