How To Make A Collage in 20 Minutes

Before I start I'll give you the brief short story of WHY I'm making 50 separate collages. At Circle of Art, being held in Clearwater FL Feb 17th, I will be teaching 50 students a project which must be completed in less than 25 minutes. The project needs to be a project all skill levels can do and enjoy. If all goes well, it will be something you would want to go home and make more of and so, this is what I came up with.

No matter how much experience you've had, you are more than qualified to make the collages we will make today. Each of these collages was made using the same three ingredients: a canvas book cover from an old vintage book, a piece of floral scrapbook paper and a transparency. Most of these collages were created with paper but for some I grabbed out my little basketful of fabric scraps. All buttons, dominoes, tin letters, lace, music sheets are vintage. Use these as layout examples if you need help figuring out what you want your finished collage to look like.

Necessary Supplies

A thrift store canvas book cover.
A piece of scrapbook paper.
Buy a transparency [from norma at baby jane's attic:] or make one by scanning in your favorite image and printing on the cheapest transparency you can find. Does not have to be a brand name.
Rustle up some old buttons, a domino or two, old anagram letters, tin letters, bingo cards, scraps of paper, old stamps, old scraps of fabric you couldn't toss out. Rip out a page from a dictionary or use one of the pages out of your thrift store book purchase.
I used a zyron [purchased from Wilde Ideas] to glue my papers down but you can use any stick glue you have.

How to Start the Collage

1.Start by taking the piece of scrapbook paper and putting it on top of your book. Cut to fit most of the page or maybe just a strip down the center, it's all up to you.
2. Lay your transparency on top of the paper [do NOT glue anything into place yet - we're just doing a layout]. Now, whadya see? Does your image require some words? Does your little girl look like she's saying something like maybe she's holding flowers and you've found the word meadowy [I did] and it just was perfect. Lay that somewhere on the transparency. No, don't glue yet. 
3. What else is missing. Does your collage need a number. Grab out an old scrabble piece or an anagram, maybe you have some cool tin numbers. Lay it/them on the collage. A little something needed in the top right corner, how about one of those scraps of paper you've been saving for years. Add one up near the top. An old vintage postage stamp might make a nice edition.
4. Wa la, you have a collage. If you are happy with the positioning of your items, start gluing in place. I then covered mine with melted beeswax just to give it a little more vavoom. Hang with hangers purchased from [Catherine Moore's website]
5. So, how did you do? Have fun? Have questions?
6. Email me and let me know: