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I have always admired hand made dolls,but was never much of a doll maker until I saw a doll on a crazy quilt list. The doll was crazy patched and embellished so beautifully that I just had to ask it's maker, Linda Feuge, if I could possibly purchase one. Little did I know this was the beginning of something wonderful. >>>.
After I received the doll and couldn't stop admiring it,I felt such comfort just holding it and knowing this treasure was mine. This was what moved me to start "The Comfort Doll Project".This project is open to anyone worldwide who wants to create a doll of any media 6" or smaller to donate to abused women's shelters. I gather a dozen at a time and send them off to a shelter in each state after speaking with the director of the shelter. We are about to ship the 23rd dozen next week. The project began in July 2007.>>>.
The magnificent dolls that have passed through my hands from all over the world from the hearts and hands of loving and generous women have left me with me astounded by what can be accomplished by a small plea to the internet/blogging community.  The project has grown by word of mouth and I receive dolls almost weekly along with wonderful stories and well wishes to keep this project going. You may read more about it and view all the dolls on  the blog I set up for this project at The dolls on this page were inspired by two donated Comfort Dolls made by Sandy Gordon from "Art Tea Life" blog. Her dolls spoke to me immediately. As I took them from their wrappings I smelled the familiar and soothing scent of Lavender. They were whimsical and adorable. I asked Sandy if I could play around with her doll idea,not wanting to copy,but needing to fulfill the creative urge. Sandy was most gracious in her reply and off I went to begin my doll making journey.
I make my dolls with cotton fabrics because they come in beautiful prints and Batiks and I find it more durable and forgiving than "Fancy fabrics". I simply cut out a shape sometimes resembling a jelly bean or amoeba, and begin by ironing on a face that I printed and copied from a rubber stamp. I add words and embellish around them with beads or stitches. There is no rhyme or reason for embellishing, anything goes. As embellishing progresses, these little creatures acquire a personality which is why I must name each one. After embellishing the front side I cut a larger fabric for the backing leaving 1/2" all around for rolling edges while I use a blanket stitch to sew together. When I have about three inches left to stitch I add freshly dried Lavender buds then continue sewing the doll closed.  I sew on metal feet and hand charms,and sometimes add some flower beads or something fun I have laying around to enhance their personality. I call these my "Inner Child" dolls because each one takes on it's own personality, like a child, and because I feel my inner child comes out to play while creating them. Each doll I make holds a special meaning which I keep to myself most times. They are so addicting and fun to make. I find it hard not to have a few kits made up sitting around to work on in between projects.
These dolls are now the only ones I donate to shelters because thanks to Sandy, I know how comforting the Lavender scent can be. Especially when unexpected. My web site has every comfort doll and the shelter it was donated to along with the donors names.You can find it at
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