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How Silly Dear Child, atc
Reflection, atc
Love My Babies, atc
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Happy Life, 4x4
Still a Child atc
Ribbons for her Hair, atc
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Renne has created atcs and some 4x4s that you might have found in an antique shop. Delicately faded, vintage images from Victorian times, sprinkled with old text, ephemera and stampings. A treasure trove of delight
Some people are just born creative. I am one of those. Have done a lot of things over the years. Quilting, Painting, Bread Dough then Fimo...that lasted for many years. It was so fun making babies for doing Doll and Miniature shows.
I have been fascinated by Altered Art and began to deliberately amass things towards that. Garage sales, auctions, ebay are all wonderful places to begin to collect old discarded sheet music, ledgers, old books, and interesting vintage photographs. Even digging into hidden cubby-holes to find sweet childhood memories to be savoured once again!. Once you begin to collect there is no end. Even trash begins to look interesting, inside book covers, old photographs, even the back sides that are stained with history can lend itself to Altered Art!
I love to start with old sheet music or book pages then print out way too many cute old photos of kids for inspiration to play with, then build up from there. Finding words from old books and making a mood for each card. it seemed important to use as many different techniques as possible like sanding, painting, rubber stamps, inking edges, and embellishments. I like the dimensional look of adding wings and shaping them to stand up a bit. Just a combination of experiments!
Got involved with trading artist trading cards on Flickr . It was a fascinating experience to meet and trade with people from all over the world. It helped me to see how different ideas are all acceptable when doing ATCs

Check out my
flickr pages to find some free textures and old photographs and some very inspiring friends that have so much to share.
Never have I been afraid to share. It gives back so many times . So please feel free to use the copyright free images you like on my pages.       Renee Robinson  0808.