Collaged Stencil
Stencil with masked red background
Collaged Stencil some gold spray paint
Collaged stencil
Collaged Stencil using some anaglypta wallpaper
Collaged Stencil  and some ruber stamps
Stencil with multi colour spraypaint
Collaged Stencil
stencil with second layer in grey and masked red /white background
stencilled tag
Its only right that I should do a tutorial on how to do real stencils after the digital faux stencil and stamp ones I did.
I have been interested in stencilling as an art form for a long while, and have been learning and getting it together when time allows. I don't feel in anyway that the stencil art I've produced so far are in any way' 'the best' Have been mainly concentrating on technique and getting skills improved. Long way to go yet, but that might take forever to get the tutorial done. So if I produce anything better I can upload them.
Stencils are a media that stamp artist's (people  who like to use rubber stamps in their art) can look at as an alternative way to produce repeat images. I don't see why stencils should be the sole domain of the street artist, who have become masters at creating original style and political message art. I'm not so into the messages, its never been built into me. I couldn't for the life of me stick a bomb in a baby's hand, but I do admire their resolve and wit.
From the point of view of aesthetics, shapes colours, and textures to create a pleasing piece (well to me in any case ) a stencil that you have created, from an image or drawing and then hand cut, then chosen your colour spray paints and papers, maybe collage them together, will result in a unique original only you could have done. Once you have the necessary equipment, you'll find it cost effective compared to mounted rubber stamps and your stencils can be used over and over in as many ways
Tutorial Click Here
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