Vintage Valentine Lace Heart
Shabby Chic Vintage LaceBook. Detail
Shabby Chic Tattered Lace Journal
Shabby Chic Tattered Lace Journal, Inside
Shabby Chic Tattered Lace Journal. Side Detail
Shabby Chic Lace and Vintage Fabric Tattered Angels Journal. Detail
Vintage Lace Heart
Vintage Lace Heart
Shabby Chic Roses and Lace Clutch
Shabby Chic Roses and Lace Clutch, Detail
Shabby Chic Vintage LaceBook: This lavishly created Lace book has been made from a large number of vintage laces, doilies,
Shabby Chic Vintage Lace and Fabric Journal. Detail
Shabby Chic Vintage Lace and Fabric Journal. Detail Back
Shabby Chic Romantic Fabric Journal
Shabby Chic Romantic Fabric Journal. Detail
Valentine Decoration Shabby Chic Romantic
Vintage Fabric Collage Mixed Media Journal. We Reap What We Sew
Vintage Fabric Collage Mixed Media Journal. We Reap What We Sew. Inside
Vintage Fabric Collage Mixed Media Journal. Inside
French Applique, Pin Tucked Cotten Vintage Book
Heart Felt Collaged and Quilted Fabric Book
Fabric Journal Stack
Vintage Journal, Little Steps
Vintage Journal, Little Steps
Fabric Journal Stack
Vintage Lace Needle Books
Crazy Felted Purse
Loose Fabric Covered Photo Album
Free Counters
Valentine Shabby Chic Heart
Vintage Collage 'Giveaway'
Mandala Tote: It is made from various types of fabric including dyed cottons, Bali batik, brocades and crushed velvet in shades of grape, navey and purples. The front of the bag features a mandala from fabric brought back from Nepal.
This lavishly created Lace book has been made from a large number of vintage laces, doilies,
dyed cheesecloth (using silk dyes), organza, dyed raw silk and embellished with buttons, jewellry, a rusty safety pin and incorporating some French accented stamped trim
Vintage Fabric Collage Mixed Media Journal. We Reap What We Sew
Journal Stack
created by our earlier European women making lace and doilies around the same time in history in the 18th and 19th centuary – the time of patchwork poverty when crazy patchwork was used in quilts, as patches on knees, cot coverlets and the like.  The most basic to the most exotic fabrics were used as a sign of creativity and class.
These days I use these upcycled doilies, vintage fabrics and laces often silk dyed or dyed from materials from my garden along with organzas, sheers and the natural fibres of cheesecloth, scrim Hessian as well as mohair from our own goats,  which I dye myself, to complement my collage artworks. Another of my favourite materials is that of handmade paper which I also incorporate into my handmade journals.  My style and colour choices also have of late been more vintage with a  French influence.
Over my creative years through my beginnings with quilting and patchwork I have become more and more drawn to create my “free spirited craziness” without any boundaries and this has more recently developed  and morphed into a distinctive style as seen in my fabric collages, journals and lacebooks and will no doubt continue to develop and change.
I live in Australia on the far south coast of New South Wales only 8k from the sea and live on a secluded 8 acre property surrounded by natural bush and a running creek where my husband and I have developed a very beautiful and old world  rambling garden of roses, vegetables and fruits which I am convinced gives me all the inspiration I need to create in the style which I have developed and which I find totally nurturing and  fulfilling.
My fabric and fibre works have been published in  2 issues of Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine and I have been featured several times on different blogs by other artists as well as having my own blog at and my own outlet shop on
Suzy Quaife 03 2012
My passion for fabric collage journals has been a more recent venture over the last couple of years most likely stemming from the days when I first begun crazy patchwork in 1996. In my whole adult life  I have always had an insatiable love of richly exotic and textured fabrics including silks, various  velvets, brocades, satins etc. being so influenced by my love of Eastern cultures and teachings of India, Turkey and Afghanistan etc.
I developed a huge attraction to costume jewellery (especially that worn by the  belly dancers of the middle east, both tribal and traditional) displaying all the many wonderful embellishments of  vintage beading, braids, laces and trims  but in more recent times I have realized that my love of vintage laces, new and old are creeping into material acquisitions more and more as I appreciate both the incredible Pre-raphaelite art world as well as the work
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