Gillian Allen
Patty Harrison
Wanda Eash
Marie Otero
Becky Loyall
Evie Zaccardelli
Christine Shebroe
Judy Keefe
Jill Schneider
Lia Kent aka art junk girl
Erika Tysse
Sarah Fishburn
Catherine Witherell
Izabella Pierce
Kim Logan
Carla Naron
Claudia Roulier
Deborah Bohm Widup
Maija Lepore
Lisa Kettell
Lisa Kettell
Vicki Cook
Step over to the otherside and dream with our artists who have expressed their vision of a Goth Art. Most have created 10 the same but there are others who choose to do 10 different which can also been seen on the next page
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Free Counters
Tracy Roos
Shoshanah Jennings
Cindy Couling
Mija Marie