Its pretty simple to make these fun art dolls for Christmas or anytime you feel like. I made them several years ago and they hang in my art area except for Christmas when they adorn the tree. The images are from the fabulous Teesha Moore's collage sheets here
m nos c02 and c07
You could also create your own collaged images with vintage bits and bobs in real time or digitally. Embellishing them with any crazy stuff you can find turns them into your own creative wonder dolls

Scan in your images at 150 and adjust levels to make the black nice and strong.  Using the polygonal lasso tool click around the image to select it and copy this into an A4 doc with 150 dpi res. You can get all 3 dolls on an A4 sheet. Try and leave 1/2" space between image.Flip horizontal for a reverse image.
Print out your images onto T shirt transfer paper and cut out each doll, leaving 1/4" margin all around
Lay doll upside down onto white cotton on a firm back (Follow manufactures guidelines ) and transfer with hot iron (no steam setting)
You'll need some backing material, I used a red batik cotton Lay the transferred cutout doll onto this and cut around the outside shape
Tip: To make it easier when sewing, put the white cotton transferred print onto a window pane and trace around the doll outline with a pencil or fabric pen on the back side.
Lay the two fabric pieces right sides together, pin in seam and sew, backstitch hand or with a sewing machine following your outlines. Leave a 3" opening on one side.
You will need to trim off very carefully any excess material at corners and carefully snip into curves.Turn inside out, gently poking out areas like hats/crowns etc with something thin but not sharp.
Stuff the extremities and finer details first making them well filled and then stuff the rest firmly, I used Kapok filling used for stuffing soft toys. Sew up the gap. Sew on a hanging loop on the top with cotton
Embellishing the dolls is great fun . Gather together enamelled /vintage buttons, badges, charms interesting beads, braids etc and sew them on. The glass button pins I used were found on a stall near Covent Garden  just a bit on from Dover Bookshop, Earlham Street. He has a great selection and he said he would be selling them online soon (if you need futher info his email is
You might also like to make your own see Shauna Palmer's
Resin art
For more on a painted and stamped doll click
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