Fabric Quilt. Frida Play
Fabric Quilted Book. Bright yellow fabric book
Fabric Quilt. Drawn Frida with buttons
Fabric Quilt. Young Frida with flower
Fabric Quilt. Two girls pink and lime
Fabric Quilt. Green multi squares
Fabric Quilt. Yukalalee lady
Once it became "uncool" to wear clothing you made yourself, Mom's sewing machine went into a long hibernation.  I did buy a simple sewing machine for myself, but hardly ever used it.
A few years ago, a dear friend encouraged me to try my hand at making art quilts.  I wasn't really excited about that at the time because I focused on the word "quilt".  All I could think of was perfect 1/4 inch seams, points, tradition and so forth.  I never do anything that turns out perfectly and following precise instructions tends to make my eyes wander.  But I did some research and found out just how wonderful the world of art quilts was.
Artists were tearing fabric, leaving raw edges, attaching metal bits and found objects and even using GLUE.  Now this appealed to me-art quilts had no rules and perfection.  Well, the funkier the better it seemed.
I am the kind of person who finds the ugliest, oddest, unloved fabric and chortles happily as I load it into my shopping cart.  If someone asks me, "WHAT are you going to do with THAT?"  I know I am onto something I am going to have fun with..
When it comes to my art quilts, COLOR is what grabs me first.  I used to use some commercial images, like those beauties from Artchix, but now I mostly rely on my original drawings to get the mojo going.  Then I jump into my stash of fabrics, buttons, odd things and embellishments, and I'm off to break the rules.
Theresa Hall may 06
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Fabric Art Quilt . Bad Girl
Fabric Quilt. Woman on black net
Fabric Art Quilt. Live Wild
Fabric Art Quilt. Heart Worn
Fabric Quilt. Eiffel in blue
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When I was a teenager, my mother taught me how to sew on the sewing machine she still has (and it still works!)  I was always getting in trouble for running the sewing machine too fast, but I was in a hurry to finish whatever  I was making>>>>.
Fabric art quilt. A notion to sew