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“ My Heart is an Open Book “
Valentine Pocket Book
Ahhh, another book you’re thinking. How many books can one person have; how many books does one person need. Well, I must have needed one more. This is a great project and anyone of any age, with or without creative talent, can make it. The book can be customized for any holiday, wedding or summer vacation. All you need are those scraps of paper and fabric scraps you keep saving which will be used to create pockets on each page that hold photos or greeting cards.
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inside back cover
Lou McCullough sent me a package with this adorable couldn’t throw away tissue paper [pink and red] so I used that to make pockets, along with a transparency of a sailor girl. Catherine Moore surprised me with a Marie Antoinette-ish rubber stamp so I used that to make the red polka dot page.

The cover is made by sewing 9 scraps of fabric to a piece of cardstock, then glue the cardstock to the chipboard. Embellish the spiral binding with 5” ribbons and fibres. Glue a cupid image to cardstock, cut and attach with pop dots or double sided foam tape. Finish off pages by tabbing your pages.

Rubber stamps from Catherine Moore at

Paper punch, card stock, ink pads, chipboard, rub-on’s, embellishments from

Norma Kooi 0208
Start by punching 26 plain pieces of cardstock, approximately 10x10, and two pieces of chipboard with holes to accommodate a plastic spiral. Or you can cheat by buying a premade book from the book store or dollar store. Then we’ll begin to make pockets on every-other page. Some pages have multiple pockets so more than one card or photo can be inserted.

Gather your paper scraps. Dump them in a big pile on the floor. Gather that basket of fabric pieces and lace; keep at the ready. All those cute little valentine embellishments you’ve been buying at the dollar store, hearts, rub-ons, chipboard hearts, toss them in a pile on the table. Any valentine related rubber stamps, grab them and a black ink pad.

Using my 12”Hello Kitty Janome sewing machine, I started sewing folded pieces of paper onto the card stock. Sew any three sides; leave one open side to use as the “pocket”. You can use paper or fabric to make each pocket or you can combine both. To embellish some of the rubber-stamping on certain pages, I sewed red thread, helter skelter, along the edges of the stamped image. If pages needed more enhancements, I added buttons and c’mon, we all have that treasured stash of buttons. .
Pockets with cards in
Front Cover