Denise Kaplan, altered book page
Betsy Harrison 'connection' ATC
I'm attaching an ATC I used for a Focus card swap for the ABAB group.Betsy Harrison www.crookedtailstudio Thanks for all you do!
I belong to a Yahoo group for altered books and one of the members from the UK sent me the link to your site. Attached is a spread I did for a round robin using an image I found in Kelly Smith's vintage cowgirls. The RR theme was Old-Fashioned Girls and Kelly's collection made it easy for me to find an appropriate image (especially since I'm originally from Texas!).
I will be adding some of my own images to the site's collection in the near future.

Denise Kaplan, San Leandro, CA
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More welcome see the previous collection here
Amy O'Neil, Altered CD
Thanks so much for providing the free images! My heart goes pitter-patter every time I log on and find a new image to download! This is an altered CD I made as a hostess gift for a gal who held a scrapbooking crop at her house. Amy O'Neil.
Lilla Le Vine, journal
Sending you a picture of a journal I did using your old photo. Seems to be a popular one. Lilla Le Vine.
Louise Kolker, Altered book pages
Just wanted to let you see what I did with a few of your vintage photos in an altered book I worked on. The theme was white. Louise Kolker 
Art Journey  The Netherlands
Annette Atkins Valentine Card
Valentine card I just made using one fo your brilliant images. I found your site yesterday and it was just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this resource.
Annette Atkins
Margert Ann Kruljac, Three dimensional altered glass piece
a three dimensional altered glass piece that appears in Altered Arts magazine March/April 2005 issue. 
Margert Ann Kruljac
Margert Ann Kruljac, Three dimensional altered glass piece
Janet Lambert
Janet Lambert
I downloaded a couple of pics a few days ago to see if I could do anything with them and they are fantastic  I've been really inspired so thought I'd send you the 2 cards I've made so far,maybe you'd like to use them on your beautiful siteHope you like them and thanks for a superb site
Janet Lambert
Ginger Giffin , Gypsy doll
Ginger Giffin , art card gypsy girl
What an incredible site you have!! Just found your site this month and wanted to use your photo on the children's site to make an Art Doll. I was answering a call to artists in Quilting Arts Magazine for dolls that were guardian angels over artist's. Ginger Giffin
Denise Kaplan atc
Denise Kaplan atc
Denise Kaplan atc
Denise Kaplan atc
I love the resources available on the site. Thank you for your continued efforts to provide such great images to us.
Denise Kaplan atcs
Tiffany Marshall
Tiffany Marshall
Zuru, Digital Collage
Found a couple days ago, and joined the forum. This is my first ever Paint Shop Pro digital collage! I used a couple of my own pics and the beauty from your Vintage Resources/Vintage Ladies Collage Sheet.
Digital Collage, by
Margert Kruly
Margert Kruljac
This piece was done on a large canvas.  The images you see were all done with gel image transfer techniques.  The door is also a canvas that is hinged onto the side of the larger canvas so that it opens like a door.  The reverse side of the canvas is also embellished.
Thanks again for a wonderful site!
I'm so glad I stumbled onto your website!  You've got some great pictures, I do collages and stuff myself  (I have my own website), so it's great to see new stuff.  I made  2 collages earlier using 2 pics you had, they turned out really cute!......
Lisa Kettell, Fairy Queen
Lisa Kettell, Pixieology
Thought I'd upload some recent ATC (artcard) images that I did, using some of the free images from art-e-zine. All your images, along with your site have completely inspired me to create. Thanks for the inspiration and the free images. "Fairy Queen" and "Pixieology", were embellished w/various collage elements.
Thanks, Lisa!
ATC, Alison Kissling
ATC, Alison Kissling
ATC, Alison Kissling
ATC, Alison Kissling
ATC, Alison Kissling
ATC, Alison Kissling
I put just a few more on this sheet. I certainly don't expect all of them on the site but thought you might like a choice. I am very new to digital work but love to make these atcs! I especially love vintage images and when I found yours in art-e-zine I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We just can't get beautiful images like these here!! I think that you are a wonderful artist! I enjoyed your article in the latest Somerset Studio! You art inspires those of us who "dabble" to jump in. I have also had tons of fun making the
digital stamps with
your tutorial. I have used that "recipe" over and over again for family photo pages! Thanks for everything!