Joleen Castillo, fairy
Joleen Castillo, lingerie
Joleen Castillo, love
Joleen Castillo,noel
Joleen Castillo, school days
Joleen Castillo, sisters
Joleen Castillo, teacher's pet
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Here are some mixed media collages I've made using various images from the website. Thank you!! Joleen Castillo
Peggy Gatto, atc
Peggy Gatto. I love your images
Patricia Thornhill , Scissors Bag
I made this bag because I spent more time looking for my scissors than I do sewing!!!  Incidentally a lot of the fabrics were from Wallmart in US, wish they would have the same craft sections here. Rubber stamp is Toybox.  Cord was made by 1 over 3. Patricia Thornhill UK.
Peggy Gatto, atc
Peggy Gatto, atc
Peggy Gatto, atc
Peggy Gatto, atc
Peggy Gatto, atc
Lia Kent, ATC
Patricia Thornhill, Fabric ATCs
Susan Sward
attached a set of ATC's I have done using art-e-zine images.  These came about when I suddenly found I didn't have anything to take to Embroiders Guild on Saturday, it had started out to be a bag but turned into these instead.  Now I am wondering whether to tie them all together with ribbon and turn them into a small wall hanging. Patricia Thornhill visit my blog
I LOVE your website. So inspiring. I joined your website a few months ago. I have a link on my Art Blog encouraging others to also contribute. This is such a generous and beautiful thing you do~you are certainly Painting Beautiful Pages on the Web!!! So interesting to see the variety as well. I get alot of inspiration from your site. I am submitting an art tag I made with an image from your photo sharing page. I am very new at this and I am just loving every minute. I'm actually quite obsessed with Mixed Media Art. It's added alot of joy to my otherwise very hectic life!

Here is my blog address: ART JuNK          Lia Kent
I want to thank you for sharing all these wonderful vintage images. They're so much fun!
This one is a collaged and stamped ATC. Susan Sward
Karen Lehrburger ValentineTag, two friends
Hi, I have been enjoying your images very much. Thank you.I made a series of Valentine Tags for my friends, using some of the children's
images. This one includes antique lace and ribbon, torn papers, mica, and silver and gold beeswax.
Best wishes! Karen Lehrburger Florida, USA
Ellen Resty. Collage
I love all the beautiful vintage images you are sharing!  Here is a fun collage I made using one of them.  Thank you so much for a wonderful site.
Ellen Resty Birmingham,
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Louise Crosbie
thank you for this wonderful resource Louise Crosbie
Lia Kent
Kathy Logan
This lady is getting much attention in people's is my addition.......I have placed a beveled glass triangle over her head. Kathy Logan.
Frieda Oxenham
One of my ATC's using an Art-e-Zine image and in addition using canvaswork.
Frieda Oxenham
Francesca Burras Collage Canvas 'Archeology'
I thought you might like to see this 8 x 10 canvas collage which features an image from your wonderful resource. Itís entitled Archaeology.
Art-e-zine rocks!
Francesca Burras
Lia Kent , Beach House
Lia Kent , Flower Girl
I continue to enjoy your site/inspiration and generous images. thank you SO much. Here are a few of my latest pieces. Lia Kent
Harriet Picker Atc, Dreamer
Harriet Picker Atc, Sisters
Harriet Picker Atc, Cherish
Harriet Picker Atc, Impressed
Harriet Picker Atc, Fascination
Harriet Picker Atc, Roman Story
Harriet Picker Atc, Tender
Harriet Picker Atc, Too Bad
I just wanted to send you some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I made with the images I used from you website. I hope you like them. Regards,
Harriet Picker
Pat MacMicken
Pat MacMicken
Thought I'd jump in and take a chance.
here's a Mail Art envelop I did for a swap, using one of your images from Art-e-Zine
Jenna Nilsson.
Jenna Nilsson.
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful collection of ephemera that you have shared with us all and to show you the bit of whimsy I've created  with it.
Jenna Nilsson.