Granny's wedding June 1918 from Maureen Blackman
Vintage girl from Elaine, Dora
Vintage girls from Elaine, Friends
Vintage girl from Elaine,  Mandy
Vintage girls from Elaine, Mother and child
Vintage girl from Elaine, Rosy
Vintagr communian from Barbara Resch
Janet Lambert, mam
Janet Lambert, mam age 8
Janet Lambert, Nana Jackson
Janet Lambert, Nana and Grandad Jackson
from Sandra Luck, Aunt Mettie and her mother, Grandma Morrow
from Sandra Luck, Calvin Mizener
Vintage gent, from Liz Smith
vintage badge from Liz Smith
vintage medal sent in by Liz Smith
vintage oxo tin, sent in by Liz Smith
Album page from Arlene Travnik
Pics of my Grandma and grandad  and of my Mum when she was young. As I'm an only child, my family are all passed away and I am childless the family line ends here, if my ancestors could live on in someone elses art that would be so lovely.     Janet Lambert.
sent in by Elaine in Australia see her decoupage art
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sent in by Liz Waldy
sent in by Liz Waldy
sent in by Liz Waldy
sent in by Liz Waldy