Jewelry Pin Brooch AVIATOR antiqued brass wings
Earrings Mechanical bee ANTIQUE glass beads
Dragonfly earrings
Steampunk Antique Typewriter Key Pin Brooch watch rhinestones
This "one of a kind" brooch was created using an antique ladies wristwatch case from the 1920's, with lovely rhinestones around the outside. A vintage typewriter "shift" key fit perfectly into the case along with some wonderful antiqued brass wings.
One of a kind" brooch that was created using a rare smaller ladies antique pocket watch movement. The movement has all the gears, wheels and parts visable.Even the little lever on the tiny timing mechanism still works and can be moved from side to side.
The brass findings I use are still being produced using the same now antique machines they used so many years ago and the enterprise is still owned by the family that originated it. These antiqued brass wings are just glorious. They have been oxidized and hand rubbed for that perfect vintage patina.
The movment itself is a diminutive 1" in diameter but the brooch overall measurements are 4" by 1 1/2". I fitted it on the back with a jewelry quality pin back and a tiny piece of text from a discarded antique book has been added to finish it off.
Pair of ear adornments that were created using antiqued brass bumble bee findings, tiny wheels and gears from antique pocket watches, ornate little brass conectors, hand forged ear wires and authentic antique glass beads
My name is Violette Noble and I am an artist who loves to search far and wide for bits and baubles whose origins may not be fully known but are always antique, rare, eclectic or just plain odd. I use these fantastic finds in all my jewelry designs and each piece is created by me and is entirely unique.
As you peruse every alcove of Noble Studios Ltd. you will find that the entire shoppe holds all manner of hidden treasures.  You might uncover them in steamer trunks that are overflowing with elaborate enticements, on shelves laden down with shimmering mysteries, in gilded display cases holding precious ornaments in or carved wooden boxes filled to the brim with lavish adornments.
Feel free to lose yourself in the array of beguiling inventory and be prepared to find that truly “one of a kind” treasure
Faithfully yours, Violette Noble, Purveyor "Antiquites, oddities & rarities." 1109

antique blue porcelain dial
A necklace that began with a very special and rare blue, white and gold pocket watch dial. An antique architectural fragment forms the base while gears, wheels, a stem and tiny screws make this the "steampunk-iest" pin ever
Antiqued brass connectors, vintage glass baubles and those lovely little chains put the icing on the cake and make this mechanical piece of art
A pair of ear adornments that were created using a gorgeous "lacey" brass dragonfly (that appears to be wearing a crown!), wheels and gears from antique pocket watches, blue glass beads, tiny crystals and hand forged ear wires. The glass beads are all attached using a wire wrapping technique. I hand oxidize all my findings and polish them just a little for a rich, vintage patina.
Steampunk Vintage Bumble Bee cuff links Neo victorian pocket watch gears
Steampunk cuff links created from antiqued bumble bee brass findings and gears and parts from antique pocket watches.
Gold and Silver 5 Vintage Wristwatch Cases bracelet
This bracelet began with FIVE different vintage wristwatch cases that have been attached to each other to create a show stopping bracelet! Each small case is filled with tiny wheels and gears from antique pocket watches that have been forever encased in a glass like resin.
VINTAGE neckace antique Royal typewriter brass butterfly finding
This neck ornament began with an ornate brass brooch that had lost it's setting. I replaced it with a vintage wristwatch movement and a hand oxidized "mechanical" brass butterfly. It is crowned with a name plate from an actual antique ROYAL typewriter.
Ring Victorian antique watch parts
The rings all begin with some wonderfulL high quality adjustable silver bezel rings. They  have nice deep bezels so that the resin and the little treasures have such depth to them. This one is round and filled with an ornate little wristwatch face, and tiny parts from clocks and pocket watches. A hand, wheels, gears, a timing mechanism and other teensy tiny treasures!
The two part resin is mixed and poured to create a nice dome on the ring and  the resin magnifies what is inside the bezel.
 Recycled Necklace Antique Pocket Watch Pink Beads German Photo
Necklace that started out life as a antique golden pocket watch with gorgeous engraving and fabulous patina on the back plate.I mounted an authentic section of an antique german photo that show several little dears outside a train station. An antique floral cabachon mounted into a shining black rhinestone setting along with pink and black beads After the antique photo was properly sealed the pocket watch was filled with a glass like resin.
Necklace vintage key New York
This neck adornment began with a vintage "Francis Keil and Sons New York" key to which I added 3 tiny wheels from an antique pocket watch and a beautiful aurora borealis jewel. A large ring from a vintage necklace holds the silver chain.
If you would like to read more about me and my life and times in Steampunk London please check out my fantasy biography Here

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